img_8017Not only is the meat different but the entire experience itself is different than any other eatery in North Carolina, that’s because Big Tiny’s is based off the old fashioned Texas roadhouse. Customers would drive up to the gas pumps and an attendant would pump their gas while they walked inside to place their order for smoked meats.

Just like a deli, Big Tiny’s keeps their meats wrapped up and in special ovens to keep them warm. When a customer comes in, the meat is placed on the butcher counter and sliced. Meats are listed by either the ¼ pound or whole pound price wise, but you only pay for what they weigh. The butcher station is directly behind the main counter and the weighing station is right next to the cash register.

This experience is second to none, the customer can actually see their meat sliced right in-front of them, then weighed and wrapped up with butcher paper for the trip home or if you want to eat inside, Big Tiny’s has seating for 140 guests. The red and white tables and chairs give the sense of having a picnic with your family and friends.

Along with brisket, Big Tiny’s has mouthwatering pork spare ribs, turkey, Texas sausage and jalapeno sausage that will knock your socks off. This dog gone good BBQ will have your taste buds begging for more.

Also unique to the experience, when ordering your sides or desserts, these come in cups to enhance the picnic style experience. Sides and desserts are measured in single, pint, or quart style. Single is great for one person while a pint is good for two and a quart can feed up to four.

Customers then have the choice for either bottled drinks including beer, soda, water and wine or fill your own cup at their fountain drink station. There is a little something for everyone at Big Tiny’s BBQ, so make sure to bring out the entire family and stop in for delicious Texas BBQ. You won’t think of the BBQ the same way again.