img_7996When you live in North Carolina and hear the word BBQ you instantly think of pulled pork with either a sweet or vinegar sauce. Well Big Tiny’s BBQ in Mooresville, NC has changed the minds of thousands of local residents on what BBQ can be. Big Tiny’s is a Texas style BBQ made with beef brisket which incorporates a special blend of spices for a dry rub that is then smoked with mesquite wood.

Beef brisket is a staple in Texas when it comes to BBQ, this tender, juicy piece of meat is cooked low and slow typically around 18 hours at 200 degrees. This method of cooking entrenches the savory smoke flavor deep into the meat while keeping the meat, juicy and tender.

The bark (crusty exterior) is black in color from the smoke but as soon as the meat is carved into, you’ll see a reddish pink band ¼ inch wide – the smoke ring! This smoke ring is where the flavor of the mesquite wood and dry rub resides. When you press your fork onto the meat, it will produce fragrant juices out of the very tender brisket. Take a bite and you will see why Texas style beef brisket is beloved as a symphony of beef, salt, spices, and wood smoke that will override your taste buds.

Don’t forget about the pork spare ribs that can be cut with a plastic fork and knife as its fall off the bone tender. Our Texas sausage is juicy and so flavorful that it is guaranteed to be a favorite. Then to finish off your meal, our banana pudding is out of this world. Creamy, simple, and delicious!

Come on in, give us a try and see if you think we are a worthy contender to BBQ as you know it!